The therapy rooms are built according to the stringent requirements from Ecoparadise Japan. The rooms were built following the Japanese traditional construction method using special materials brought in from Japan that are almost impossible to find anywhere else.

The heat you feel as your body comes in contact with the tiles was produced by the water heater pump located beneath the floor. The heated water runs through a single continuous piping line across the floor.

All the different layers of materials underneath the floor have been treated with an Ecoparadise solution. Although the solution inherently emits negative ions, the presence of heat makes it even more effective in releasing a very high concentration of negative ions into the air. Also, the solution helps retain the quality of these materials and protects them from rust.

Free radicals are unbalanced molecules in our body resulted from the oxidation process that comes from normal bodily functions and sources such as pollution, stress, and toxins. Modern living has enabled free radicals to be around us almost indefinitely. We are constantly exposed to free radicals, which can be absorbed through the skin from food, air, water, electronics, and the majority of products that we use. Excess free radicals, our body needs negative ions (antioxidants). Negative ions are most prevalent in natural places - particularly near moving water like waterfalls or after a thunderstorm, but least prevalent in city landscapes.

negative ions against harmful free radicals


our special enzyme

Ecoparadise uses unique materials treated by a special enzyme from living microorganisms. The inherent properties of the objects are changed once they are treated with the enzyme - enabling each object to act in very similar ways to natural materials that emit health-promoting negative ions in a process we call "deoxidation". The deoxidation process effectively neutralizes free radicals to prevent further damage while at the same time, reverses the harm that had already been caused. All of our products possess this function as they are treated with a special enzyme. With ecoparadise, the possibilities of living a healthier life are limitless.


benefits of hotbed detox therapy

  • Promotes full-body relaxation and better sleep

  • Improves blood circulation, metabolism, immune system, and parasympathetic nervous system

  • Relieves pain, ailments, and allergies 

  • Manages cholesterol and blood sugar levels

  • Lower water retention

  • The therapy also provides relief to various health conditions including cancer, diabetes, lupus, eczema, insomnia, asthma, and arthritis, among others*.

*All case studies are in the form of testimonies from our customers.